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Mambo Ezili Danto (aka Erzulie Dantor)

Danto in History

Sosyete Gade Nou Leve
January Kanzo
Papa Loko
Mambo Ayizan
Spiritual illnesses
Lave Tet
Serving Mama Dantor
Haitian Vodou supplies Fresh from Haiti
Spiritual Illnesses
Seven Stabs
Danto in History

 Mambo Ezili Danto is known to have played a huge role in the history of Haiti, mother of the country

Mambo Ezili Danto is mute and deaf.  (Thus Anais serving as her interpreter).  The reason she is mute goes back aways to the time of the Haitian revolution.
Before the revolution, Mambo Marinette became possessed by Ezili Danto in a ceremony.  A black pig was sacrificed to Ezili Danto.  The location of the ceremony is famous, known as Bwa Kaiman or Alligator woods.   A pact was written in the pig's blood thus commencing the slave's revolt.
Mambo Marinette was the priestess that underwent that possession.  She is now served as a Lwa, one who is very connected to Danto.   Thirteen years after the ceremony, the slaves declared victory and formed the Republic of Haiti.
Sometime during these battles, Ezili Danto decided to join her people in war.  Her people feared that she would give away their secrets should she be captured.  Thus, her own people, cut out her tounge rendering her mute.  Now Ezili Danto only utters a "ke-ke-ke" or a "de-de-de".  The sound of her tounge clicking on the roof of her mouth. 

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