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Mambo Ezili Danto (aka Erzulie Dantor)

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January Kanzo
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Sacred Objects received during the Kanzo

The Kanzo is the name for the initiation ceremony within the Vodou tradition.  It is a sacrament and considered one of the most sacred events within a Vodouisant's life.  Quite naturally, the ceremonies are empowering, exhilirating and life-altering.  They will change your life making it better, easier, and revolutionary.
Our House is located in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti's capital city.  Port-Au-Prince being where the asson lineage originated, you will be in great company when coming to learn the Vodou.  The majority of our House is comprised of Houngans and Mambos, unlike most Houses comprised of Hounsis, thus you will be surrounded with knowledgable people who are dedicated to your advancement in the Tradition.  You will also have plenty of chances to learn more, not only from me, but from your Mamas, brothers, sisters, and Godparents.
When you Kanzo in our house, you become a member of our family.  Family is very important in Vodou, actually one of the foundations of the tradition.  Our family functions much like a real family.  We care, watch out for, and protect our family.  Everyone has a job within the family.  Like family, you can talk to us about anything.  We are there to support each other in all undertakings and enjoy assisting each other whenever possible. 
Initiation bestows good luck, improves domestic situations and finances, clears the head, balances you, gives clarity, and promotes good health.  In fact, some are led to initiation to resolve one or many of those issues.  It also prepares the head to handle possession by the Lwa.  Along with that, the initiate receives the secret knowledge of Vodou, according to their rank.  It confers power and the back up of your new family.  The process balances and nutures the initiate.  It aligns you with your Met Tet, the Master of the Head, thus infusing you with the spiritual power of this great spirit. 
Once you are kanzo, I become your Papa.  I will be responsible for your spiritual growth within the Vodou tradition.  You will be provided with all of the information necessary for you to function effectively within your new role.  The majority of the training actually happens after the Kanzo and I will be just as dedicated as you to getting you to where you need to be spiritually.  We never charge our initiates for training unlike some other Houses.
The Vodou tradition discriminates against noone.  Whether you are black, white, red, green or purple it doesn't matter.  Your race is not an issue within the Vodou at all.  Also, you can be straight, gay, bi-sexual or transgendered, again it is a non-issue.  The most important thing is that you receive correct ceremonies and that you follow tradition.  Along with that, that you are trained correctly to fulfill your role, which we will do.
During your initiation, you will receive the sacred knowledge of the Vodou.  You will also be receiving sacred objects that will enhance your service to God and Ginen.  Ceremonial necklaces are made and administered.  You will be aligned with your head spirit, thus bringing about enlightenment and communication between you and the head spirit.  If you are Sou Pwen or Higher, you will receive the highly valued and desired Asson, tool of the Vodou priesthood.  You will also be given a new sacred name to identify you as the new consecrated, empowered, powerful individual.
There are three grades within the initiatory Vodou Tradition.  From lowest to highest they are, Hounsi Kanzo, Houngan/Mambo Sou Pwen, and Houngan/Mambo Asogwe.  If you want to know more about the different ranks of the Vodou, click here:
If you would like to know more about the process that constitutes the ceremonies, check here:
The Kanzo will be kicking off on Janurary 10th and will go on until the 23rd.  All initiation ceremonies are done in Haiti.  Thus it is a two week time commitment.  There are also certain things that you will need to bring with you.  You will be taken to partake of other things in Haiti also.
Initiation into our House cannot be bought.  There are certain requirements before the initiation actually takes place.  You will be required to have a preliminary divination to determine certain things.  Optimally this divination will be done in person, but we understand time, distance, and financial restraints that may not make this possible.  Divination for these ceremonies is done by calling a House Lwa into possession in which He will determine what is right for you.  Divination will determine whether the Kanzo is right for you.  If so, we will also ask whether or not our House is for you to become Kanzo in.  If that is the case, what rank are you to take within the Vodou.  If you aspire to be a priest/ess, you should let us know so that this can be taken into consideration.  Even if you are not called to Kanzo, you can still be part of the Vodou by partaking in the Lave Tet.  For more information on the Lave tet, click here: 
Should you be called to become an initiate in our house, your training will begin right away.  You will be sent basic training information so that you can be better prepared to undergo this amazing, fascinating life expierence.  You will also be sent the list of things that you are required to bring along with you. 
Becoming an initiate of our house has many benefits.  Once you are initiated, you are invited to partake in all of our ceremonies, both public and private.  You will receive several  guides packed with information for you to use within your new found role.  I know of no other house that provides their new initiates with the amount of information that we do directly before, during and after your Kanzo.  You are encouraged to come for face to face training at anytime, and again will NEVER EVER be charged for it.  You will have the opportunity to return to our House in Haiti at any time and will never be charged rent.  You will not have to rent a Hotel or worry about other accomadations.  Most Societies are not fortunate enough to offer this, thus it is something particular to our House.  All you will need to do is buy your plane ticket. 
You will be taken to go see the Vodou-Pop group RAM.  You will enjoy the influence that the Lwa have in popular culture in Haiti.  RAM is a group that sings Vodou songs that have a secular flair.   You will also be taken to one of Haiti's most beautiful private beaches.  Here you will enjoy the clear blue sea, feel the energy of the Lwa Agwe and LaSirene, and bathe in their clear waters.  Each morning before any ceremonies commence, you will be in Vodou School.  Here you will receive even more information, so when you come out of the Djevo you will be quite a knowledgable Hounsi, Houngan, or Mambo. 

Brule Zen Ceremony

Assons, the Sacred Rattle of the Priesthood

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