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Lave Tet participants being baptised

Join Sosyete Gade Nou Leve for our Lave Tet, September 22-24th 2006

Before the asson-lineage became prevalant, the Lave Tet was considered the initiation in many rural areas of Haiti into the Vodou.  During the 22nd of September through the 24th, Sosyete Gade Nou Leve will be holding a Lave Tet.  So let me explain to you a little more what the Lave Tet is . . . 
The Lave Tet is the cleansing, fortifying and finally baptism of one's head.  The head being the "seat of the soul" for an individual, which serves as a vessel for the all important Met Tet and the other spirits that walk with an individual.  In some non-asson houses the Lave Tet is the initiation into the house and commits the person to that house. 
A lave tet would not permit someone to go into the djevo at a Kanzo, however.  One is not actually an Vodou initiate, although one may be considered a member of the house.  Unlike the Kanzo, a Lave tet is good for everyone.  It improves the life of the recipient and often his/her family too.  Not everyone is called to be an initiate, yet anyone can receive the Lave Tet which ultimately clarifies the mind.
The Lave Tet improves the ability for possession, clears the mind, clarifies abilities for seeing, and improves the life of the individual substantially in all areas.  In this Society, we also give our Lave Tet recipients good information so that the recipients will be able to help him/herself.
The Lave Tet takes three days.  The first part of the ceremony is the cleansing.  This removes all that spiritual grime that often attaches itself throughout time to people.  Many have claimed to feel like a weight is being lifted off of them, and this is only the beginning.  The Lave tet is one of the most deeply moving spiritual ceremonies (outside of the Kanzo) that one could go through.  It is a Vodou Sacrament.  
After the cleansing, participants are go kouche (Kreyol, lie down) in a badji prepared for them.  During their time in here, participants will have knowledge revealed to them, visits from the Lwa, and ceremonies administered to them.  During this time, the Lwa Met Tet (Spiritual Head Master) will be divined.  Any additional information from the Lwa will be taken care of then or at a later date.   Their heads will be strengthened and fortified.  
Everyone will later on be baptized, their heads now consecrated in the service of God and Ginen.  A small party will be held to celebrate the beginning of the path for everyone.  Matters that need to be discussed will be, and participants will also be taken to a church to pray.
The Lave Tet is a spiritually empowering ceremony.  It is something that I cannot truly describe in words.  It is great for those that cannot afford the time or expense for a Kanzo, for those who are not called into the route of Kanzo, and those who cannot or do not desire to travel to Haiti.
If you are interested in receiving these ceremonies in Our Society, please email me at

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