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Mambo Ezili Danto (aka Erzulie Dantor)

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Serving Mama Dantor
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Small Service to Ezili Danto

Mambo Dantor, or Mama Danto as I refer to her, is a wonderful Petro Lwa who as I mentioned before usually requires little in return for blessings.  She can be seen featured on peristyle walls all over Haiti, on Vodouisants' personal altars, and may even have a room built just for her.  She works hard and fast for her children and looks for the best solution to help them.
Ezili Dantor is served, like the rest of the Petros, on Tuesday.  On this day, many of my children will perfume her area and light candles for her.  This is the best day to wear her colors and sing for her if you plan to serve her. 
Danto is served with Navy blue and blood red.  Some will serve her with more colors also, sometimes seven or even twenty one colors.  You can see the reason why she is served with these colors if you pay attention to the image of Mater Salvatoris (sometimes referred to as Santa Barbara Africana).  She wears a robe of red and blue with a golden border.
Danto enjoys Reve D'oir perfume, which unfortunately isn't most readily available in the United States.  If one cannot get a bottle of Reve D'oir, I usually suggesst a bottle of a nice musky scent or a unisex cologne.  She also loves Florida water, which she often drinks.
She also drinks red wine which is steeped with certain herbs.  She is the patron of Kanzo pakets and the Queen of Sanpwel.  Thus she is also sometimes offered kleren, which may or may not be steeped in her sacred herbs.  Certain Beers may also be offered to her.  Creme de Cacao can also be offered to Dantor but only at certain times and in certain instances.
She enjoys daggers, preferably with a double edge.  Silver jewelry and chains, silver rings with a red or blue stone.  Dolls are an ever popular gift to her and an altar to Dantor may feature many, many dolls.  Outfits made of blue denim, known as Karabel in Haiti, are worn by Danto especially when she goes out selling in the market.
As far as sacrifices, Dantor enjoys a black female Kreyol pig.  She eats roasted pork, griyon in Kreyol, along with the other main staples of the Lwa.  Rice with Kongo peas, sweet potatoes, and yanms are a few of her favorite supplements to her meal.  Dantor also receives black female hens, but these are more often used in magic on her point or as a small payment for work or a contract.
She is known to be a wise businesswoman.  She sells pigs in the market and is very successful in providing everything she and her children need.  She can help you obtain new opportunities in business, success, and luck.  Although she isn't rich, Dantor will bestow opportunities to succeed to her sevite.

She smokes strong cigarettes, strong dark filterless cigarettes, and sometimes cigars.  She can eat in the enamel kivets (bowls) as is usual with the Petro mysteries but she can also be served with a Kwi. (calabash bowl) 
She is feasted on the following days-
July 16th- Saut D'Eau- Our Lady Mount Carmel
August 15th- Assumption
Sometimes on Christmas Eve.

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